EP 257: News, Roman, AEW v WWE Beef, Attendance Figures, and More

The Brethren of Josh, Jarret, and Seth are back again to discuss the following topics: Roman Reigns and how he’s viewed backstage, Women’s matches in WWE, AEW vs WWE as the battle lines are drawn and trash-talking intensifies, RAW’s dwindling attendance numbers, and the Bound for Glory card that IMPACT Wrestling has put together. All this and more are discussed during this episode!

Episode 203: HIAC Review, The Bloodline story, What The Hell, WWE? (and more!)


Josh and Jarret are here and they discuss WWE Hell In A Cell, focusing mainly on the three HIAC matches [Orton/McIntyre, Bayley/Sasha, and Reigns/Uso]. They discuss how GREAT the Roman Reigns story line is. Then Josh introduces what may very well be a regular segment on future episodes: What the Hell, WWE? Then they preview the next Prime Cut episode. Listen to this great episode!