EP 258: Prime Cut (Tech Talk)

Josh and Jarret are here to go through Technology-based questions powered by PodDecks. It’s an all technology episode, as these two discuss smartphones, technology in education, technology in the workplace, creativity, the future as it relates to technology and much more! Tune in to this Prime Cut episode!

Episode 193: Prime Cut [Entrance Themes]

Josh and Jarret return for another episode featuring the Prime Cut! This episode focuses on Entrance Themes in professional wrestling. Who likes what song? What made the number one selection? Will there be overlap with choices? When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside… [GONG!] … I hear voices in my head … [GONG!] … You are beautiful on the inside… you are innocence personified … [GONG!] … Break the walls DOWN!

Episode 191: Prime Cut [Best Finishers]

Josh and Jarret are back with another Prime Cut episode. In this great countdown episode, they discuss best and/or favorite finishing moves in wrestling. Due to the sheer volume of history to choose from, the normal “top 10” has been expanded to the “top 20”, because there is a Top 5 from each, as well as 3 honorable mentions, and 2 dishonorable mentions! Which moves made the cut and why? What could possibly be bad enough to earn Josh and Jarret’s “dishonor”? Tune in to find out!

Episode 189: Prime Cut [IC Champions]

Josh and Jarret are back with another edition of the Prime Cut! This episode they will count down their top selections for the Best and/or Favorite WWF/E Intercontinental Champions of ALL TIME! Who will be #1? Tune in to this great episode of the Prime Cut and find out!

Episode 187: Prime Cut [Mangers and Valets]

Josh and Jarret are back with another edition of the PRIME CUT! This episode, they count down the Top 5 wrestling managers and/or valets in history. They each have an honorable mention, but where do they land on their Top 5 selections? Do they agree? Do they disagree? Tune in to this great episode in order to find out!

Episode 184: Prime Cut [That Crowd Went Wild!]

Josh and Jarret are back with another Prime Cut episode, where this time around, they discuss their Top 5 “crowd pops” and reactions. Together they put together 12 moments (including an honorable mention each). STONE COLD! STONE COLD! IF YA SMELLLLLLLL! YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME…… DOOT DOOT DOO DOOOOOOOOO! Who or what moments make their list? Tune in to this great discussion to find out!

Episode 181: Prime Cut [Missed Opportunities]

Josh and Jarret are back again to discuss a brief amount of wrestling news this week, including WWE changing their TV schedule *yet again*. Then get ready for the Prime Cut topic for this episode, where the discussion centers around missed opportunities in the wrestling world. Josh and Jarret each have picked three gimmicks, characters, or storylines where a prime opportunity was in their grasp, and the wrestling promotion dropped the ball for whatever reason. Tune in to this great episode to hear all the great discussion!