Episode 197: Prime Cut [Smartphones]

Josh and Jarret are back for another Prime Cut episode; this time to discuss their favorite smartphones they have owned. They cover current devices, as well as go in the Way Back Machine, in order to dig up relics from their techie-past and discuss what was cool back then. They discuss what was their favorite specs of each device, and why it make their list. If you’re a tech geek, this is a great episode to listen to and relive some smartphone glory of yesteryear and even today

Episode 195: News & Notes

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Jarret and Josh are back and discussing the recent happenings within the world of Professional Wrestling. They discuss topics such as their Backlash prediction results, Who was supposed to be the father of Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s baby (in kayfabe)? What happened to Tessa Blanchard and the World Title in IMPACT Wrestling? All this and more!

Episode 193: Prime Cut [Entrance Themes]

Josh and Jarret return for another episode featuring the Prime Cut! This episode focuses on Entrance Themes in professional wrestling. Who likes what song? What made the number one selection? Will there be overlap with choices? When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside… [GONG!] … I hear voices in my head … [GONG!] … You are beautiful on the inside… you are innocence personified … [GONG!] … Break the walls DOWN!

Episode 192: NXT Takeover In Your House Preview

Josh and Jarret are back with their preview and predictions for NXT Takeover: In Your House. Seth is out on assignment on this episode, but he’s shared his predictions as well. It’s the 25th anniversary of the first In Your House Pay Per View. Will the house set return? (Spoiler: It did) Will WWE give away a house? (No, but there are nostalgia references.) Will Josh continue his good luck from Double or Nothing? Or will Seth reign supreme with WWE again? Tune in and find out their thoughts!

Episode 191: Prime Cut [Best Finishers]

Josh and Jarret are back with another Prime Cut episode. In this great countdown episode, they discuss best and/or favorite finishing moves in wrestling. Due to the sheer volume of history to choose from, the normal “top 10” has been expanded to the “top 20”, because there is a Top 5 from each, as well as 3 honorable mentions, and 2 dishonorable mentions! Which moves made the cut and why? What could possibly be bad enough to earn Josh and Jarret’s “dishonor”? Tune in to find out!

Episode 190: News and DoN Review

Josh, Seth, and Jarret are back at it again, as they break down the pay per view event for AEW’s Double or Nothing. Before getting to that, however, they discuss the passing of Hana Kimura, what is entertaining on NXT and AEW these days, Matt Riddle’s reported move to Smackdown, Mike Tyson, and more! Also… not enough good things can be said about the Stadium Stampede match, but these guys try their best. All this great discussion on this episode that can’t be missed!

Episode 189: Prime Cut [IC Champions]

Josh and Jarret are back with another edition of the Prime Cut! This episode they will count down their top selections for the Best and/or Favorite WWF/E Intercontinental Champions of ALL TIME! Who will be #1? Tune in to this great episode of the Prime Cut and find out!