Episode 227: Shooting the WrestleBreeze

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Josh and Jarret are here to discuss all things in the current landscape of professional wrestling. They are free-styling it with no agenda, and this is the most organic episode ever recorded! They cover such topics as Tay Conti, NXT Call-ups, post-WrestleMania Surprises, and much, much more! Tune in to this great episode!

(Recorded March 26, 2021)

Episode 222: Chamber Results, WWE Title Picture, SD is Better?

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The Brethren return this episode to discuss the results from Elimination Chamber. Who won the right to face the Head of the Table? Who left Tampa the WWE Champion? Do we have new women’s tag champs? Next, the Brethren discuss the current WWE Title Picture ahead of Fastlane. Finally, the discussion turns to both Rumble winners choosing champions on Smackdown – does this mean RAW’s titles aren’t alluring enough?

Episode 209: WWE Booking and YouTube


Jarret and Josh are back again, and this time they are discussing the passing of Pat Patterson, and what a legend he was in the business. Then the Brethren turn their attention towards how bad and nonsensical WWE Creative Booking is overall. Josh brings up a recent story reported about Chelsea Green and Mickie James. They also discuss a “fantasy booking segment by Adam Blampied on the Smackdown Hacker story line. It is something that WWE story lines are not: complete with a beginning, middle, and ending. Yes, this was recorded on Wednesday, and big things happened in AEW, but the guys deferred that discussion to a future episode.

Episode 201: Getting Back Into It

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Josh and Jarret are back in the saddle and here to discuss the current wrestling landscape. They do a deep dive and discussion on the Women’s divisions within WWE, as the 2020 Draft left one brand a little… blue. They also discuss podcast equipment, and give a glimpse of the future of this show. Tune in to this great episode!

Episode 190: News and DoN Review

Josh, Seth, and Jarret are back at it again, as they break down the pay per view event for AEW’s Double or Nothing. Before getting to that, however, they discuss the passing of Hana Kimura, what is entertaining on NXT and AEW these days, Matt Riddle’s reported move to Smackdown, Mike Tyson, and more! Also… not enough good things can be said about the Stadium Stampede match, but these guys try their best. All this great discussion on this episode that can’t be missed!

Episode 185: Breaking-ish News

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Josh and Jarret are here with all the “breaking” WWE news. At least it’s within the realm of recent news, anyway. The guys cover Becky Lynch’s announcement from RAW and how it impacted the women’s division, the Brand-to-Brand Invitation announcement, the next failed Jinder Mahal experiment is underway, the pending status of the Intercontinental Title coming later in the week, Charlotte Flair returns to Smackdown, and what WWE really wanted for King Corbin at Money in the Bank and how it failed miserably. Tune in to this great episode before we even break down MITB or our next Prime Cut episode!

Episode 181: Prime Cut [Missed Opportunities]

Josh and Jarret are back again to discuss a brief amount of wrestling news this week, including WWE changing their TV schedule *yet again*. Then get ready for the Prime Cut topic for this episode, where the discussion centers around missed opportunities in the wrestling world. Josh and Jarret each have picked three gimmicks, characters, or storylines where a prime opportunity was in their grasp, and the wrestling promotion dropped the ball for whatever reason. Tune in to this great episode to hear all the great discussion!

Episode 171: Flashback Friday: Discussion Feb. 22

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Part 2 of #FBF reunites Josh and Jarret to go over the results of NXT Takeover: Portland. They also review the week of TV “rassle” from the week of February 17-21. Topics discussed include: NXT TV (Feb 19), Monday Night RAW (Feb 17), AEW Dynamite (Feb 19), and Smackdown on FOX (Feb 21). In addition, Josh and Jarret go over some of the rumored matches for WrestleMania 36, and how to best “get there” and tell a good story. Lastly, they “review” who won and lost the NXT Takeover predictions, and things get … weird … on this great episode!