EP 257: News, Roman, AEW v WWE Beef, Attendance Figures, and More

The Brethren of Josh, Jarret, and Seth are back again to discuss the following topics: Roman Reigns and how he’s viewed backstage, Women’s matches in WWE, AEW vs WWE as the battle lines are drawn and trash-talking intensifies, RAW’s dwindling attendance numbers, and the Bound for Glory card that IMPACT Wrestling has put together. All this and more are discussed during this episode!

Episode 206: Full Gear Fallout + AEW Games!

AEW Full Gear Logo

Josh and Jarret are back at it again, reviewing the PPV that was AEW Full Gear 2020. They go over every match, share their thoughts, and where things might go in the near future. Additionally, they cover the recent announcement by the AEW Games division – with one console game and two mobile games on the horizon. 2021 is shaping up to be BIG for wrestling gamers!

Episode 205: Full Gear Preview and WAR GAMES!

AEW Full Gear Logo

Josh and Jarret are back at it again! This episode, they preview the 10-match card for AEW Full Gear, as well as discuss what might be shaping up as this year’s WAR GAMES match in NXT. Tune in now to hear this great episode and conversation!