EP 262: Kenny Omega, Full Gear, and Leaving WWE?

On this episode, The Wrestling Brethren discuss the numerous injuries plaguing Kenny Omega and the time off he will be taking to have surgical repairs made. Next the Brethren discuss the results of Full Gear and the penultimate predictions results for 2021. Lastly, they wrap up by having a short discussion of taking 5 WWE talents “with you” to another promotion and leaving WWE and their bad booking behind… for good! You will not want to miss this episode!

(Recorded November 17, 2021)

EP 261: WWE Releases and Full Gear Predictions

Seth, Jarret, and Josh are together again to discuss the WWE Talent Releases (Nia Jax, Karrion Kross, Scarlett Bordeaux, “B-Fab” Briana Brandy, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Eva Marie, Keith Lee, Mia Yim, Harry Smith, Oney Lorcan, Franky Monet, Ember Moon, Trey Baxter, Jessi Kamea, Jeet Rama, Zayda Ramier, and Katrina Cortez) from November 4th, they discuss WWE’s Q3 2021 numbers announced, and the corporate departures from WWE around the time of the Q3 call. Then the Brethren discuss the following AEW topics: Max Caster’s burn on Bryan Danielson, the Forbidden Door’s newest possible pass-through from New Japan Pro, the CM Punk and Eddie Kingston feud, long-term storytelling along side title reigns, and the “Undisputed ERA” in AEW (?). They briefly discuss The Rock possibly shooting down the WWE return rumors, and then they get to previewing and predicting AEW Full Gear 2021. All this and more from this great in-depth episode!

EP 260: ROH, Charlotte, and more news!

The Wrestling Brethren are here again to discuss the latest and biggest stories in professional wrestling. They discuss Ring of Honor’s bombshell announcement that all talent have been essentially released, and they are taking Q1 2022 off to re-imagine ROH and what that looks like moving forward. Then they turn to discussing the ill-fated Women’s Title Exchange segment from last Friday’s Smackdown and all the fallout since. Then the guys discuss the new champions out of Bound for Glory and NXT 2.0. Tune in to this great episode to hear the latest!

EP 259: News, Crown Jewel, and a Wrestling Q&A

Josh and Jarret are here to discuss a few Wrestling News items (Josh makes a correction from Episode 257, AEW vs. WWE in the ratings battle, the IInspiration’s … well… inspiration for their new team name, and did the WWE fix their women’s title issue at Crown Jewel?), WWE’s Crown Jewel event results and thoughts, and then they finish things off with a 10 Question Wrestling Q&A Session. Tune in to this episode to find out the latest!

(Recorded October 21, 2021)

EP 258: Prime Cut (Tech Talk)

Josh and Jarret are here to go through Technology-based questions powered by PodDecks. It’s an all technology episode, as these two discuss smartphones, technology in education, technology in the workplace, creativity, the future as it relates to technology and much more! Tune in to this Prime Cut episode!

EP 257: News, Roman, AEW v WWE Beef, Attendance Figures, and More

The Brethren of Josh, Jarret, and Seth are back again to discuss the following topics: Roman Reigns and how he’s viewed backstage, Women’s matches in WWE, AEW vs WWE as the battle lines are drawn and trash-talking intensifies, RAW’s dwindling attendance numbers, and the Bound for Glory card that IMPACT Wrestling has put together. All this and more are discussed during this episode!

EP 256: RIP Reggie Parks, Tournaments and the Draft

The Wrestling Brethren of Josh, Jarret, and Seth are back to discuss the Wrestling topics of the week. They discuss the passing of the “King of the Belts”, Reggie Parks (1934-2021). He was the creator of many belt designs for the WWE, WCW, UFC, boxing promotions, among many others. The Brethren then discuss the brackets announced for the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown tournaments. Lastly, they summarize which brand “won the draft” for the 2021 WWE Draft.

EP 255: WWE Draft Night 2

Josh and Jarret are here for this micro-episode to discuss Night Two of the 2021 WWE Draft that aired on Monday Night RAW (10/4/2021); plus any supplemental picks announced. Who stayed? Who is on the move? Tune in to this episode to find out!

EP 253: WWE Draft, TNT Title, and Extreme Rules

Josh, Jarret, and Seth are back again to discuss the upcoming WWE Draft 2021, the changes afoot with AEW’s TNT Title (New Champion and New Championship belt). The Brethren also discuss the results from WWE Extreme Rules and review their predictions for the pay-per-view and year to date. Who won? Tune in and find out!

Bonus Coverage/Episode: Our Draft Fantasy Booking Episode from July 2021 – Episode 243